Acme Spoon Lures for Spring Trout

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Hot Spoon Fishing Tips From The Experts At Acme Tackle Company Spring traditionally marks the opening of trout season in many areas of the country. Ice begins to break up on high mountain lakes, snow melt feeds fresh, oxygen-rich water … Read More

ACME Spoons for Hot Ocean Shore Action

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A Guide to Using Acme Lures for Redfish, Snook, Specks,Stripers and Other Inshore Species From the Gulf of Mexico off Texas all the way around to the Atlantic Ocean in the Northeast, our coastline offers a wide variety of inshore … Read More

Acme Spoons for Ice Fishing

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DROP AN ACME® SPOON THROUGH THE ICE TO TARGET WINTER TROUT, PANFISH AND WALLEYE Popular Metal Lures Like The Trophy Spoon®, Kastmaster® and Sidewinder® Fool Fish With Flash, Vibration and Action “On the Fall” Experienced freshwater anglers know that vertical … Read More