ACME Spoons for Hot Ocean Shore Action

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A Guide to Using Acme Lures for Redfish, Snook, Specks,Stripers and Other Inshore Species

fishing-ocean-shores-washingtonFrom the Gulf of Mexico off Texas all the way around to the Atlantic Ocean in the Northeast, our coastline offers a wide variety of inshore fishing opportunities. Whether it’s backcountry fishing in the bayous, casting to the mangrove roots, prowling the flats or working the rocky surfline, hard-fighting, great-eating fish are available to the light-tackle angler in sheltered waters close to home.

Casting hard metal spoons on light tackle is an exciting, effective way to fool saltwater inshore species into striking. And nobody is better known or more trusted in this area than Acme Tackle Company, “Masters of Metal” for almost 60 years. Every Acme lure is built with the finest components and completed with jewelry quality plating or baked-on painted finishes that maintain their fish-attracting qualities. More importantly, each lure is extensively field-tested by saltwater and freshwater fishing pros, to ensure it meets Acme’s standards for performance.

Here is a useful guide to using Acme spoons for inshore saltwater fishing:

Acme Side-Winder ®:

The shape, flash and swimming action of the Side-Winder® make it an ideal imitation for small “white baits” in Southeast and Gulf Coast waters. The 1/3 oz. and 1/2 oz. sizes are dynamite when fished around drop-offs near oyster bars or deep pockets where redfish and spotted sea trout hold. Use light 6 to 10-pound test spinning gear for maximum casting range and swimming action. Also great for casting to points and holes in the mangroves for snook.

Acme Kastmaster ®:

Perhaps the world’s best-known “slab” metal spoon, the Kastmaster® can do it all . . . and inshore saltwater fishing is no exception. It casts far and swims with a strong side-to-side kick at any retrieve speed. A 3/8 oz. Kastmaster with bucktail teaser — try bright finishes like chrome, gold, chrome/neon blue or chrome/neon green — is great when light-tackle (6 to 8-lb. test) casting for reds, snook or trout in the bays or small bluefish and stripers along the shoreline. Heavier 1/2 oz. and 3/4 oz. Kastmasters with bucktail teasers can be cast in the surf for stripers, bluefish, jacks or other near shore predators. Look for breaking fish just outside the surf line or dark “clouds” in the water caused by schools of baitfish “balling” into a defensive posture. Also cast around rocky points or coves where schooling predators can trap forage fish. Fire the Kastmaster past the feeding fish and retrieve. Experiment by letting the lure sink to different levels or try stopping the retrieve and letting the lure fall (fish often wait under the bait school to pick off sinking, injured fish). If you get a strike and the fish “unbuttons,” go back to your retrieve as another fish may grab the lure on the way in.

Kastmaster XL ®:

Anglers asked Acme for a lure that would “match the hatch” when predators were feeding on slender-bodied bait fish such as sand eels, anchovies, silversides, candlefish or smelt. Our answer is KASTMASTER XL! Precision machined, KASTMASTER XL is equally effective whether cast, trolled or jigged. Equipped with stainless steel split rings and 4X-strong VMC treble hooks, KASTMASTER XL is deadly for stripers, bluefish, bonito, albacore, seatrout, salmon, spanish mackerel and other gamefish.

Acme Need-L-Eel ®;:
The long, slender design of Acme’s Need-L-Eel® is an ideal choice when inshore fish are foraging on sand eels, silversides, needlefish, smelt and other slim-bodied baitfish. Smaller sizes (1/4 oz. to 1/2 oz.) are ideal for small school stripers and blues, weakfish and mackerel. Larger 3/4 oz. and 1 oz. sizes work great for larger stripers when cast from the surf or boat and retrieved with a slow wind. Need-L-Eel also keeps its action when fast cranked for near shore bonito, bluefish, mackerel or jacks. The needle-sharp single Siwash hook complements the Need-L-Eel’s slim design and is ideal for practicing catch and release. If waters are turbid or murky, try using one of Acme’s flashy prism-tape finishes for added attraction and visibility.