Acme Lures – A lure for every species of fish

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When large mouth or small mouth bass are feeding on shiners, shad or other fin-baits, tie on one of these proven Acme spoons.

prod_kastmaster_38ozKastmaster 3/8 oz., pattern CHNB
The top choice when bass are eating shad. Cast to surface fish or jig for suspended bass. The Kastmaster will provide an action no bass can resist.


prod_sidewinder_12ozSide-Winder 1/2 oz., pattern NCS
If the bass are chasing minnows, here’s your lure. Cast near cover, let it sink, then retrieve. The unique action of the Side-Winder is deadly.


prod_littlecleo_25ozLittle Cleo 2/5 oz., pattern FT
Perfect for big small mouths on lakes and rivers. Cast and retrieve or jig around rocky cover and sunken islands.



If you’re fishing for crappie, yellow perch, sunfish or pickerel, you should be fishing with one of these tiny Acme spoons. Be sure to use ultralight tackle.


prod_pheobe_112ozPhoebe 1/8 oz. pattern RT
Workalong the outside edge of lily pads for crappie and pickerel. Use an erratic retrieve to simulate a wounded minnow.


prod_thunderbolt_110zThunderbolt 1/10 oz.
This deadly tempter from the makers of Kastmaster is equally effective whether fished in rivers, streams, lakes or ponds. Ideal for trout, panfish, shad & for ice fishing.


prod_pheobe_116ozLittle Cleo 1/16 oz., pattern GNR
Fish vertically around submerged trees for big crappie. Be alert for stikes as it flutters downward.




Northern pike can be picky. For those big, wise northerns that follow but won’t bite, tie on one of these. And be sure to use a wire leader.

prod_kamlooper_34ozKamlooper 3/4 oz. pattern NF
Cast to the edge of weed beds. Use a medium speed retrieve. When a pike follows, speed up to trigger a strike.


prod_kowobbler_34ozK.O. Wobbler 3/4 oz., pattern CGS
Troll areas where weed beds meet steep drop-offs. Use an electric trolling motor to keep from spooking fish. The K.O. Wobbler will do the rest.


prod_littlecleo_25oz_yrdLittle Cleo 2/5 oz., pattern YRD
Great for deep or strained waters. Cast and retrieve around shore cover or jig around deeper structure.




Freshwater stripers can be finicky, but these three lures consistently produce fish in big lakes and rivers, even when others fail.


prod_kastmaster_2ozKastmaster 2 oz. pattern CHNB
Cast to feeding fish on the surface. The special shape permits longer casts, to reach fish without spooking them.


prod_trophyspoon_1ozTrophy Spoon, 1 oz. dazzling hammered finish in 24K gold, chrome, chrome/blue or shad pattern.
This versatile lure is great when jigged vertically, fished through the ice, cast or trolled. The Trophy Spoon gives a sparkling presentation most fish will strike.


prod_sidewinder_34ozSide-Winder 3/4 oz., pattern NFS
When stripers are hovering around submerged shelves or ridges, jig for em’ with this shad imitation.




With this trio of Acme lures, you can catch rainbows, browns, and even steelhead in just about any water you find them.

prod_thunderbolt_16ozThunderbolt 1/6 oz. pattern RT
Perfect for small streams. Cast it to the top of pools and retrieve it downstream. Let it flutter down in deeper pools.


prod_phoebe_16oz_gPhoebe 1/6 oz., pattern G (gold)
Great for lakes. Cast to trout near the surface. Troll with leadcore line or downriggers for deeper fish. Phoebe lures induce fish strike after fish strike.


prod_kastmaster_38ozKastmaster 1/8 oz., pattern CHNB
Ideal for rivers. Cast up-current and retrieve over deep holes and by under cut banks.




Walleye feed in variety of freshwater habitats – from shallow flats to deep structure. To catch ’em, pick the lure that matches their feeding pattern and forage.

prod_littlecleo_13ozLittle Cleo 1/3 oz. pattern TS
An excellent trolling spoon. Work it deep with a downrigger or near the surface with a planer board. The unique hump on the Little Cleo gives a tantalizing action.


prod_sidewinder_12ozSide-Winder 1/3 oz., pattern NCS
Great for working shorelines, either cast or trolled, when fish are on shallow flats or structure. The Side-Winder is a sure bet to catch fish.


prod_kastmaster_38oz_mrpKastmaster 3/8 oz., pattern MPR
Jig this lure for schools of fish that you pinpoint on an electronic fish – finder – whether suspended or near the bottom.